Alexander Lyons, C.P.O


Ronald “Gene” Neveseta
  • April 7, 2016
  • Lyons P&O

ronald_geneGrowing up in Ohio, Gene Nevseta dreamed of becoming a soldier. In 1949 he joined the Army Airborne and served for 23 years. During that time he rose to the rank of Sergeant 1st Class. After retirement he joined the Conway, SC Police Department and served an additional 23 years. In 2001 Mr. Nevseta developed an infection that caused him to fall into a coma for 2 months. Through many complications and almost certain death, he miraculously came out of the coma and fully recovered from the infection. Unfortunately, while battling the infection, he lost his left leg below the knee.

Determined to go on with his life and remain active, he enlisted the help of his doctors to seek out prosthetic care. Through the use of a prosthesis, Mr. Nevseta relearned how to walk again. Today he is active in the community and enjoys the company of his family and kids.

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