Alexander Lyons, C.P.O

Process Overview (Prosthetics)

The fitting process varies slightly depending on whether the patient is a new amputee receiving their first prosthesis, or if they have been wearing a prosthesis for some time and will be receiving a replacement prosthesis.

Many people facing the loss of a limb feel very alone and frightened. We can help.

Contact our office at (843) 347-5800 to schedule a pre-surgical evaluation. You will meet with a financial counselor to explore your pay-source and receive a consultation with an experienced Prosthetist who can alleviate your fears and prepare you for what lies ahead.

3 Piece Discontinuous cosmesis for use with knee rotator – Photo Courtesy of Axis Prosthetics

Our staff will walk with you as you heal and begin your prosthetic care. You will have lots of questions, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask your prosthetist about whatever concerns you. Your prosthetist will spend hours and days with you during the fitting process and for the rest of your life. And you will see that there is life after amputation.

Amputation Education: