Alexander Lyons, C.P.O


Photo Courtesy of Axis Prosthetics

Photo Courtesy of Axis Prosthetics

For most patients, the initial visit begins with a comprehensive evaluation. This includes examining the residual limb and/or the affected body part and discussing the patient’s experiences and state of mind. If the patient is already wearing a prosthesis or a brace, it will be examined as well.

For lower extremity patients, a thorough gait analysis is conducted and the alignment of the body is checked and measured. For upper extremity patients, manual dexterity is evaluated and upper body strength may be tested.

The initial visit is also the patient’s opportunity to see our facility. Meeting our staff and getting to know our professional care team is a very important part of the first visit. We also like to bring patients together to share experiences and advice. We strive in excellence to make our patients feel comfortable, welcome and right at home from the very beginning.