Alexander Lyons, C.P.O

Cost & Insurance


insurance1Prosthetic and Orthotic care is expensive and every patient is concerned about the cost.

Oftentimes it’s difficult to tell someone how much their prosthesis or brace is going to cost without an in-person evaluation. After the patient talks with a Prosthetist/Orthotist about their condition, goals, and health, a rough estimate can be prepared. A more exact estimate requires an evaluation appointment.

If you need help with a pay-source, please ask us. Our financial specialists will assist you in finding help.

Insurance and payment sources

Understanding and completing the requirements and paperwork for private insurance, workers’ compensation, disability, or Medicare can be confusing. Our insurance specialists provide individual assistance as patients work their way through the process of securing financing. They spend time understanding each specific situation. Each specialist is knowledgeable in the field of prosthetics and orthotics, and they communicate with all pay-sources. They assist with phone calls, forms and mailings, and keep the patients and the clinician updated on the pay-source process. With many years of experience in securing payment for prosthetic and orthotic care, they are thorough and efficient. We believe providing this type of assistance to our patients is an important part of customized care.

We are in network for many insurance providers. If we are not in network with an insurance provider, we will gladly call that insurance and work with them on case by case scenario. To find out if we work with your insurance company, contact our office and a member of our administrative staff will be happy to help (843) 347-5800.

If you or your patient does not have insurance, our specialists will help to find alternative funding.