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Francis Petrucelli
  • April 7, 2016
  • Lyons P&O

PetrucelliWorking 18 years in textiles and 25+ years in candy manufacturing can be a huge drain on one’s time. That’s why, when retirement in 1990 came around for Francis Petrucelli, he was more than happy to spend his time doing other things such as fishing and hanging out on the beach. In 1994, with increases in the cost of living, he and his family decided to pick up their roots from New Jersey and move to Myrtle Beach, SC. Continuing their love of the beach and for fishing was not lost with this move and was actually enhanced by discovering the joys of visiting Charleston.

Mr. Petrucelli never gave too much thought about his diabetes. In fact, he never really had a noticeable problem, over a 26 year period, from diabetes until he developed an infection in both of his feet. This infection, which settled into his legs in 2004, lead to a right below knee amputation and a year later to a left below knee amputation.

With a strong desire to get back to an active lifestyle, Mr. Petrucelli, with the help of his doctors, sought out prosthetic care. Today, he uses a prosthetic leg for each limb and is able to walk with the assistance of a walker. Remaining active with physical therapy has helped with his motivation. Mr. Petrucelli will tell you that age does play a factor in using his prostheses as actively as he would desire, but he still manages to get up daily and remains active by seeing his family.

Looking back on his life, Francis Petrucelli strongly suggests that everyone “take their diabetes seriously and make sure to eat as well as possible.” He recommends that people should “keep pushing themselves with a positive attitude no matter what life has handed them.” This attitude plus a faith in God has helped Mr. Petrucelli get through many tough times.

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